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In Coriolis mass method, two parallel pipes by a coil irritating frequency is preset to swing . The working fluid passes through two tubes, a force that is perpendicular to the tube Coriolis force known. The force generated when the fluid inlet and outlet pipes are moving the force acted against the flow meter Which causes deformation in the pipe . This deviation by magnetic sensors that are measured in the inlet and outlet pipes and swing phase difference between two tubes of the Coriolis force is achieved. This phase difference is the mass flow rate of the fluid inside the pipe . Also according to the density of the fluid will change the resonant frequency of the tubes, This quantity is used to measure the density of the fluid. The range depends on the fluid temperature deviation of two pipes that in some devices with this method, we can estimate the fluid temperature. This flow meter for measuring the mass flow of liquids and gases, regardless of conductivity, density, temperature, pressure and viscosity fluid used.
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