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Anti Damping off

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Damping off usually refers to the rotting of stem and root tissues at and below the soil surface. It typically occurs when old seed is planted in cold, wet soil and is further increased by poor soil drainage. Several fungi can cause or increase decay of seeds and seedlings. Young leaves, roots and stems of newly emerged seedlings are highly susceptible to infection. Once plants have mature leaves and a well-developed root system, they are better able to naturally resist the damping off pathogens. Ferti-Nurse anti damping off product can be used to strengthen crown by increasing cell wall resistance to fungi pathogens especially Phytophthora and develops root system. Properties: • Decreases damping off in seedlings and transplanting. • Raise seedling production and chance to produce a vigorous plant. • Steady and appropriate transplant production in nursery. • protects against a wide range of root, stem and foliar caused by fungi.

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1 liter
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100 ton per month
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