Humic acid

Model :

powder and liquid

Description :

• Physically modifies the structure of soil through.  water retention  aeration of soil • Prevents soil cracking and erosion. • Chemically changes soil properties by regulating pH-value of soils. • Improves and optimizes the uptake of nutrients and water by plants. • Biologically stimulate the plant and activities of micro-organisms.  Stimulates plant enzymes and increases their production.  Enhance plant’s natural resistance against diseases and pests.  Increases root respiration and formation.  Increases germination and viability of seeds.  Increases the quality of yields.

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Packaging :
1 kilo and 25 kilos, 1 liter and 5 liters and 25 liters
Minimum order :
Standard :
Production power :
100 ton per month
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On consumers demand

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