Iran Alloy Steel Company

Iran Alloy Steel Company

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Iran Alloy Steel Production Line

Increased exports of Iran's alloy steel ...

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Heatable - V225D


Model : V225D

Ball bearing - 3505s

Ball bearing

Model : 3505s

Valvate - 4718S


Model : 4718S

Contact Details

CEO :Alireza Chaichi Yazdi
Email :
Tell phone: +983537253090-6
Fax :+983537254680
Address: Factory : Azadegan Blvd., Martyr Dehghan Manshadi Blvd., Km 24 IASCO ROad, Yazd, Iran
Postal Code: 8941636667
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Email :
Tell phone: +983537250251
Fax :+983537254680
Address: Azadegan Blvd.,Martir Dehghan Manshadi Blvd., km 24 iasco road., YAZD., IRAN
Postal Code: ۸۹۴۱۶۳۶۶۶۷

Email :
Tell phone: +982188322625-7
Fax :+982188322628
Address: Tehran Office : NO.51, Mashahir Ave., Ghaem Magham Farhani St., Karimkhan St., Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1589863316

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